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Jethro, optimist, creative soul and living in the magnificent city of Bruges. Always searching for the little things in life that make him happy.

Experiencing happiness, joy, that fuzzy heart warming feeling is a common goal we all share in life. Sometimes life doesn’t go like we hoped for and we lose this important feeling. Where did it go? How can we get it back? What can we do get back to this state of mind?

The way we think and feel is a very fascinating topic. When we try to reflect on how we think, how some things make us feel, we can discover longings and thought that were unknown before. Jethro his wish to be free inside an alternate universe, filled with colour that could mesmerise, hypnotise and surprise each and every one of us, came to life.

“Colour” is very essential to ignite that dimension. “Elegant yet delicate flows” will be your guide on this journey. Discovering the “details” will be the start to our new world of happiness.

A world I kindly ask you to have a look at.



Art by jethro on IG

+32 494 48 23 60

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